With the much admired entrepreneur Taylor Swift phenomena reaching dizzying heights this week, I thought it poignant to produce a poem on Conveyancing mentioning her song titles. Enjoy!

In the realm of law, where contracts intertwine, Conveyancing tasks, a dance quite divine. Through the ebb and flow of legal lands, I’ll craft a poem with Taylor Swift’s grand.

“Love Story” begins, where dreams take flight, A buyer and seller, embracing the light. Their hearts intertwined, a shared desire, To transfer a property, fueling the fire.

With “Wildest Dreams,” negotiations commence, As clauses and terms find common sense.

“Blank Space” is filled with legal jargon, Drafting contracts to protect and to bargain.

Like “Sparks Fly” between buyer and lender, Conducting searches, ensuring no surrender.

The “Safe & Sound” quest for title clear, Free from encumbrances, removing all fear.

“Shake It Off” when issues arise, Resolving disputes, reaching compromise.

“Bad Blood” transformed to harmony, Through legal diligence, we set minds free.

As deadlines loom, “The Last Time” nears, Preparation key, to overcome fears.

“Begin Again” with each signature stroke, Completing the process, sealing the yoke.

In “Fearless” stride, we pass the keys, Handing over ownership with gracious ease.

Conveyancing tasks, a journey complete, Taylor Swift’s melodies make the process sweet.

So, let us embark on this legal quest, With Taylor’s tunes as our anthem, our best.

Conveyancing’s dance, with each step and sway, To the rhythm of law, we shall pave the way.